The Poop Artist

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The Poop Artist
What's a child to do when they have a picture that needs to be drawn and all their art supplies are in time out?

Perfect for the parents, or soon-to-be parents, of artistic children.

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Name of the "Artist"

Sample Text
I am an artist. I have always been an artist. I will always be an artist.
Instead of throwing food in my hair or at my neighbor during lunch, I made the 3 Bear's house.
At the park, when everyone else was busy eating dirt, I made caves and teepees.
At home I spent hours coloring, painting, and drawing.
I made beautiful pieces of modern art that I hung on the refrigerator.
One day, I realized I needed to go bigger. Like the famous artist Michelangelo, I needed a wall.
Not just any wall. I needed a big wall.
I needed...the hallway wall.

The Inspiration for the Poop Artist

When my son was younger, he spent quite a bit of time admiring himself in our full length mirror. One day I found him gently tracing around his outline with his fingers. After watching him contentedly from a distance, I went in for a closer look. I noticed that there was a faint brown smear on the mirror.

My heart quickened as I raced to locate the usual culprits. What had he been drawing with that would produce that brown color? The crayons were still in their home, and my make-up was untouched. We had been inside all day, and he couldn’t open the refrigerator on his own. Just then, I saw him reach back into his diaper and resume his picture.

There was POOP on the walls!

What could I do in the face of such a horrible scene? 

I did the only thing I could do: laugh. After all, he had shown great creativity and resourcefulness. He chose a material that no one else would touch, and he used it to create something "beautiful."

To help others find the bright side to this situation, I created "The Poop Artist."

I hope it helps you enjoy the wild ride that is childhood as much as I have.

-Stephanie Neilan